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San Diego, California, United States
The art of smokin’ meats has become a natural talent for Jimmy. After a disappointing tear to his right shoulder, he put off playing college baseball. The Branham family started the BBQ restaurant giving him the opportunity to become the master of the Brick Pit. Just like the game of baseball, he took this very serious. It normally takes years to perfect this art but Jimmy took it on full force and started to create his own rubs and BBQ sauces. The heart and the passion that he portrayed while playing baseball carried on to the art of smokin’ meats. Playing the game will always be an inspiration for him, but having a customer say that they just had the best BBQ ever, turns this unfortunate injury into a blessing from GOD. He smoked over 75,000 pounds of meat the first year we opened. “The secret of smokin’ meats is to use quality meats, quality spices, cook it slow and low over the perfect wood in Jimmy’s Brick Pit.”

Jimmy's Brick Pit Menu


Jimmy’s Brick Pit BBQ
14034 Poway RD. Poway, Ca.
(858)513-4BBQ (4227) jimmysbrickpit.com
Dine-In, Take Out, Catering
Our award winning meats are hand-rubbed using Jimmy’s own special blend of spices. We then smoke them to perfection in our custom Brick Pit for hours over Oak Wood.  LOW and SLOW!
We serve our meats with your choice of Jimmy’s homemade BBQ Sauces.
Tue-Sat 11am – 9pm • Sun 11am – 8pm
Jimmy’s Sandwiches                                 
                        Special Combo Includes Small Side & Large Fountain Drink                  
               Sandwich           Special Combo
Beef Tri-Tip (Hand-Carved)             $ 8.75                     $12.75
Beef Brisket (Chopped)                     $ 8.25                     $12.25
Pulled Pork                                           $ 7.75                     $11.75
Chopped Chicken                               $ 7.25                     $11.25
Hotlink                                                  $ 7.25                     $11.25
Junior Sandwich                                 $ 5.75                     $  9.75
Lil’ Smoky Sliders (2)                         $ 5.25                     $  9.50
(Junior/Sliders Choices: Pulled Pork, Hot Link, Brisket, or Chicken)

Jimmy’s Brick Pit Dinners                       
Includes Two Small Sides & a Sweet Roll or Cornbread Muffin
Two Meat Combo Dinner (any 2 meats)                         $17.50
Baby Back Ribs (4-5 bones)                                              $15.75
Beef Back Ribs (3-4 bones)                                              $15.75
Beef Tri-tip (Hand-carved )                                               $15.75
Beef Brisket (Chopped)                                                     $15.25
Pulled Pork                                                                            $14.75
Chopped Chicken                                                                 $13.75
Rib-Tips                                                                                  $13.75
Hot Links (diced)                                                                  $13.75

Jimmy’s BBQ Bowl (Healthy Choice)     
Includes Steamed Broccoli and Brown or White Rice
Beef Tri-Tip                                                                          $13.25  
Beef Brisket                                                                          $12.75
Pulled Pork                                                                            $12.25  
Chopped Chicken                                                              $11.75

Jimmy’s Shortstop Kid’s Meals               
Includes Kids Fountain Drink and Seasoned Fries
Baby Back Ribs (2)                                                            $8.75
Chicken Wings (3)                                                               $7.75
Chicken Strips (2)                                                                $7.25
Rib Tips (4)                                                                           $7.25
Hot Dog                                                                                 $6.75
(Choose Small Side for .50 extra)
Jimmy’s Sides                                           
Small $ 2.95     Medium $ 3.95     Large $ 6.95      
BBQ Beans • Cole Slaw • Potato Salad • Mac & Cheese
Mashed Potatoes • Collard Greens • White Rice • Brown Rice
Red Beans & Rice • Steamed Broccoli • Corn Niblets 
Corn on the Cob (seasonal)
Jimmy’s Fryer Sides and Appetizers       
*Included as a Dinner Side Option          SMALL                   LARGE
*Seasoned Fries                                   $2.75                      $4.95
*Onion Rings                                        $2.95                      $5.50
*Sweet Potato Fries                             $2.95                      $5.50
Jalapeno Poppers                            3/ $3.75                5/ $5.95
Chicken Wings                              5/ $6.25              10/ $12.25
Chicken Strips                                 5/ $7.50                10/ $14.95
Jimmy’s Triple Play Combo Special        $36.00
Pulled Pork, Brisket, and Chicken,
BBQ Beans, Cole Slaw, Mac n Cheese, 3 Cornbread Muffins
Sorry, No Substitutions

Jimmy’s 3 Meat Combo Special     $38.00
Choice of any 3 Meats, 3 Medium Sides, 3 Cornbread Muffins or Rolls

Jimmy’s Back Ribs Special             $34.00
A Rack of Beef or Baby Back Ribs, 2 Medium sides, 2 Cornbread Muffins

Jimmy’s Desserts                                      
                                                                Slice                         Whole
Buttermilk Pie                                      $3.25                     $14.00
Ice Cream                                     sm $1.50              med $2.00
Daily Desserts                                       Prices Vary

À la carte            Racks                                     
                                                Full Rack                                                ½ Rack
Beef Back Ribs                    $26.00 (6 bones)                  $14.50
Baby Back Ribs                  $26.00 (12 bones)               $14.50

Jimmy’s Smoked  Meats         1 LB                ½ LB  
Beef Tri-tip                                              $17.50                     $9.75
Beef Brisket                                            $16.50                     $9.25
Pulled Pork                                             $15.50                     $8.75
Rib-tips                                                   $14.50                     $8.25      
Chopped Chicken                                    $14.50                     $8.25

Hot Link (diced)                                                                  $2.50
Hot Link in a bun                                                                $3.50
Smoked Hot Dog                                                                 $2.50
Sweet Rolls (2)                                                                     $1.75
Cornbread Muffin                                                               $1.50 

 Jimmy’s HOMEMADE  BBQ Sauces
Sugar FreeVinegar Base
2oz. $ .75    4oz. $1.50     8oz. $2.95    16oz. $5.75 
16oz. Squeezable Bottle $7.50 Refills $5.00 Mason Jar $6.99

Coca-Cola Fountain Drinks, Sweet Tea, Unsweetened Tea $2.25
Bottled Water $1.50 Juice $1.50 Bottled Soda $2.50 Coffee $1.75
2 litre Bottled Soda $3.25
Sweet Tea GALLON $13.50
Bring your own Gallon Jug and save$1.00
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